About Us

 Formed in 1988, Ivy Ridge was a spin-off of Hokanson Construction.  Ivy  Ridge is the residential construction division of Hokanson Companies,  providing general contracting services for the construction of single  family homes, townhomes, condominiums and apartments.  Ivy Ridge serves  two purposes in facilitating the retail sale of Hokanson Development  projects.  The first purpose is to build and operate model homes on the  project sites.  Secondly, Ivy Ridge Builders operates as a custom  builder uniquely qualified to focus on customer satisfaction.     

 Presently Ivy Ridge Home Builders has been focusing more attention on  townhome construction. Ivy Ridge is the general contractor for all  townhome lots developed by Hokanson Construction & Development Co.,  Inc.  Within single family developments Ivy Ridge may build a model  home; however, single family lots are predominately sold to other  single-family builders.     

 Building plans for townhomes constructed by Ivy Ridge Home Builders  include designs suited for a broad range of buyers.  Single level units,  which are appealing to home buyers of retirement age, are available  with upgraded amenities and finished walkout basements.  First time  buyers and those with less income available for housing may find a two  story design to be more accommodating to their lifestyle and income  capabilities.  With each new development, Ivy Ridge Home Builders is  looking for ways to increase the quality and variety of housing  available to buyers, thereby setting them apart from the competition.